Task Type – This is the product search mode that will be used when running Supreme.


Task Type – This is the product search mode that will be used when running Supreme.Direct Link – This uses the URL of the product you’re trying to purchase. These become available after droptime and is the fastest way to checkout. Restocks should always be ran on direct links for


Sizing - Place a hashtag (#) in between the sizes you want to run, e.g. Small#XLarge. Alternatively, tick the ‘Random’ box to make Eve cart any available size.Include – Eve will only cart the sizes matching the selections you’ve entered.Exclude – Eve will add to cart any size


Advanced Captcha Settings - This is where you’re able to select the number of requests you’d like to send to each captcha service when your task encounters captcha. A good value to place here for peak drop times is between 5-10. However please note the higher the value,

Supreme FAQs

Do I require proxies to run Supreme, and what type of proxies work? You WILL require proxies if you are running on a server, most server IPs are banned to Supreme. You SHOULD use proxies if you plan to run more than approx. 10 tasks, particularly if you want to

Supreme In-Store Signup

Supreme In-Store Signup is incredibly easy with EveAIO X. Simply select the region that you wish to sign up for, select desired profile/s, make minor task setting adjustments and start/schedule your tasks approx. 15 seconds before your region’s sign up time. The process for sign up is

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