Supreme In-Store Signup is incredibly easy with EveAIO X. Simply select the region that you wish to sign up for, select desired profile/s, make minor task setting adjustments and start/schedule your tasks approx. 15 seconds before your region’s sign up time.

The process for sign up is as follows. Sign-up goes live at:

11am GMT (12pm CET) for European regions:

11am EST for North American regions:

Upon opening, the regional sign ups will accept a certain number of responses before then closing. How quickly this process occurs depends largely on what’s releasing/rumoured to release that week, as well as any lag/site problems the sign up page experiences. Very hyped weeks can have max participants filled within 15 seconds and bad weeks have their sign up still remain open 30 minutes later.

A small charge (£0.10/€0.10 for Europe, $0.10 but sometimes $1.00 for USA) will be made to the card attached to the profile you run. This, alongside in-bot success is the best indication of a successful sign up. However it’s been reported frequently in the past that people have still signed up successfully and gotten texts with no charge. The phone number in the profile you run is used to receive the text so be sure to have the correct number in there.

Should you sign up successfully, if selected to attend the in-store release you’ll receive a text message at approximately 1pm or 4pm GMT/EST, to which you must reply Yes or No to within the timeframe specified to secure your place. You’ll then receive an additional text the next day (Wednesday) around midday stating your number in line and timeslot.


How many tasks should I run per profile?

In-store sign up tasks have a high success rate so you should have no need to run more than 2 tasks per profile.

What retry delay should I run, and do I need proxies?

A retry delay of 1000ms is perfectly fine. You should not require proxies if running around 5 tasks or less. Above that, it’s generally good practice to use proxies. You can often find that proxies banned to the regular Supreme webstore actually work on sign up site. To test, use the region links above and test your planned proxy list. If they can access the site they should be good to go.

When should I start my tasks?

Starting your tasks 10-15 seconds before sign up opens is fine.

Does successful sign-up mean I am guaranteed a text?

No. In-store sign ups accept more submissions than they have places in line for, thus signing up does NOT mean you’ll be selected. Selection is also done randomly, so entering faster does not ensure you’ll be selected/receive a lower place in line neither.

Do I need to use captcha bypass?

Personally, I have not used captcha bypass on in-store signups as I’ve felt completing the sign-up in the most ‘human’ way possible (as you would if signing up manually) is best for ensuring correct sign up. Also, unless you are running a massive number of sign up slots, the number of captchas going to your solver windows should be fairly minimal and manageable anyway.

Should I use 3rd party captcha services like 2captcha?

You should avoid using these services for in-store sign up if possible. They are notoriously slow at peak times when others are using and so you may receive your captcha tokens back from them too late and find that sign up registration has already closed. Your captcha solver windows are FAR more efficient.