Our splash breaker tool allows you to create a number of concurrent browser sessions on a URL of your choice. This is our current solution for YeezySupply and Adidas drops.

  • Link – This is where your desired page you want to open multiple browsers for is entered. E.g. for YS or Adidas you’d put the product/splash page here.
  • Proxy – Use this field if you’d like to create your browser sessions on a singular IP.
  • Proxy List – You can select a proxy list that you’d like your browser sessions to be created on. Each browser session will use a different proxy from the list.
  • Browsers – This is how many browser sessions you’d like to create.
  • Add Browser(s) – This creates your selected number of browser sessions.

The screenshot below shows an example of the splash breaker in use.

  • Button 1 – This enlarges the browser window.
  • Button 2 – This deletes the browser window.

You can also add additional browser windows whilst others are already running by changing the number in the ‘Browsers’ field and clicking the ‘Add Browser(s)’ button.

When used for YS and Adidas splash page drops, you'll need to watch closely for when a particular window passes splash. Once it does, enlarge that window and proceed to cart and checkout. Further improvements and additional features for the Splash Breaker should come in the near future.