Within the Shopify manager, you will be able to add your own custom Shopify stores to Eve, as well as add custom Shopify shipping rates to websites which allows you to shave valuable seconds off of your total checkout time!

Adding a custom Shopify store:

The following video will show you the procedure for adding a custom Shopify store not already contained in the predefined list to EveAIO X. The video also shows you a quick check to ensure the site you’re adding is a Shopify site.

Adding custom stores allows you to then use Shopify shipping rates and further reduce your checkout time!

Adding a Shopify shipping rate:

The following video will show you the process for creating a custom shipping rate for a Shopify store and applying it to your tasks.

Some important points to note:

  • Certain Shopify stores have very general shipping rates that apply across many cities, states or even countries. In these cases, the generated shipping rate can be used across many profiles regardless of the location that profile is based in. However certain sites can have vastly different shipping rates depending on City or State, therefore you’d need to make separate shipping rates for each profile based in a different location.
  • Some Shopify stores have a different shipping rate for every product in their store, often calculated based off of the item weight, dimensions etc. In these cases, it’s best not to attempt usage of shipping rates as it will affect your checkout. A good way to test this is to generate shipping rates for multiple similar products and see if there is any difference.