First, head over to the Raffles tab in EVE AIO and select Email List and enter the emails you wish to use to enter raffles.  Name the list and save it when complete.  For catchalls, click the catchall button then enter the desired number of emails to create and then the domain before clicking generate.  Remember, you will have to make sure to forward your catchall emails to a single email to check for winners:

Next, from the Dashboard tab, add a new group.  Select the Raffles module and name it:

From the list of groups, click the plus on the group you just created to begin making tasks:

Name the task and select your desired proxy list then select the Launches App from the website dropdown since DSM uses Launches.  Enter the link for the raffle entry page.  Finally, select the email list you wish to use and your country and save:

Make sure you have 2 solvers setup: 1 that is checkpoint dedicated and 1 that is not and then start your tasks.  You will have to solve 1 hCaptcha for each entry. There are also some Launches raffles that require accounts.  Those sites include Xhibition and Sneaker Politics.  When entering raffles for these sites, you must first create an accounts list in the Raffles tab.  Name your list, choose the site from the dropdown, and enter your account emails and passwords one per line in the following format: email:password.  Save the list when done and create a group and tasks like before. The difference this time when creating tasks is the Accounts List dropdown box.  Use this to select your list and complete the rest of task setup the same as above.  Enable your solvers with good Gmails and you may even see some 1 click solves.

For DTLR Raffles, you must first navigate back to the Raffles tab and select Address Lists.  Enter your addresses in the format shown (AddressLine1:AddressLine2:City:State:Zip:Country) 1 address per line and name and save the list when done.  If there is no address line 2, simply place a second colon as shown below. Notice there is a generate button.  This is coming soon:

Now back to the Dashboard, create a new group for DTLR Raffles and create tasks. This time, select DTLR from the Website dropdown and enter the link to the raffle page.  For DTLR, you will have to select an email list and address list.  Once done, save the tasks and start.  Remember to have 1 solver enabled for Captcha and 1 enabled for Checkpoint Captcha.  Alternatively, you can use a 3rd party solving service like 2Captcha or AntiCaptcha by entering your API key in the Captcha tab in EVE AIO and selecting the appropriate service in the Advanced tab when creating your raffle tasks.

The next group of raffles is for A-Ma-Maniere, APB Store, and Social Status.  They all use Shopify accounts that will work on all three sites.  When you select one of these sites when creating raffle tasks, it will require you to provide a profile list as well as an account list.  You can make both of these in the Raffles tab in EVE.  You can only create profile lists that contain 1 profile.  This profile will be tied to the entry under the account email chosen by the bot.  So if you wish, you can make both profile and account lists here that contain the same email in each.  That way each entry would have a matching email on the account and raffle entry profile.  But it is not required to have them match.  Aside from that everything else is all the same as other sites just complete the info to create your tasks and run them as usual.  Be ready to manually solve (have multiple solver types open) or use a 3rd party solver.