Quick tasks allow you to rapidly create tasks for a certain site, saving time by importing most task settings from your Quick & Remote Quick Task Settings. You can create quick tasks by either clicking on the ‘Quick Task’ button on the Dashboard page or by using the F1 key.

  • Direct Link – The top field is where you’ll paste your desired product page link ready to create your quick tasks. Eve will automatically detect which platform the link is from, with the exception of Shopify, SquareSpace or BigCartel stores, which must be selected manually.
  • Number of tasks – This is how many tasks will be created with the chosen link.
  • Quantity – This is how many of the product will be added to cart. For most stores with ‘hyped’ products, you’ll either be restricted to adding only 1 to your cart or if multiple are added, the order will be cancelled. Therefore, you’ll often be leaving this value as the default of 1.
  • Sizing – For optimal speed in task creation, it’s best to pre-set your desired sizes in your Quick & Remote Quick Task Settings found on the ‘Settings’ page of the bot. However should you wish to change this, uncheck the “Inherit from quick task settings” box and insert your desired sizes. Multiple sizes can be selected by placing a hashtag (#) in between each size.
  • Checkout – This is the checkout method the tasks will use once created. It’s highly recommended to leave as the default ‘Credit Card (Automatic)’ wherever possible as this is the fastest checkout method.
  • Mode (Shopify specific setting) – This is what Shopify mode your task will be created with. If you’re making a quick task at droptime, on a big retailer (e.g. Kith) with a hyped item you will likely need to use Human mode as there is probably antibot enabled. If making a quick task for a small website (e.g. a skateshop) or for restocks then API mode will be better.