This is where you can set the desired task settings you’d like your quick tasks and remote quick tasks to be created with. These settings function exactly the same as they do in regular task settings. This is also where the use of profile groups becomes very beneficial, since you can set a group as the desired profile for your quicktask settings as shown above, and thus, have tasks created on multiple profiles in an instant. You can set your quick tasks for multiple sizes as seen, by placing a hashtag (#) in between each size.

  • Auto Paste From Clipboard – This is so when the quicktask window is brought up, it will automatically paste the last thing copied to your clipboard, saving you precious seconds.
  • AutoSolve - Only necessary if you own and would like to use AYCD AutoSolve as the captcha source on quick tasks. For help on how to configure this, visit HERE.

Below AutoSolve, the field (circled red) is for setting Shopify payment re-submissions. We recommend setting this to the maximum value of “999”, meaning that if your task encounters OOS (Out of Stock) at order submission, the task will continue to attempt payment an additional 999 times. If a restock occurs in that time, your task will be able to rapidly checkout.