Do you commonly run a similar setup for a particular site? Frequently run slots for friends/family who only want a specific set of sizes? Want to quickly switch your task type from droptime-optimised settings to restock-optimised settings? Well you can now easily make these task changes in an instant using task presets.

  • Add – This allows you to create a new preset.
  • Edit – This allows you to edit an existing preset.
  • Delete – This will delete the currently highlighted preset.

Creating your presets is very straightforward. The process and formatting are identical to creating standard tasks. Additionally you can customise your presets to include as many or as little settings as you desire! Presets are not restricted to just Shopify neither, they can be created for all of the platforms we support. For the settings you’d like to adjust in your preset, click the box circled in the screenshot below to allow editing. The example below shows a preset made for Kith clothing on an expected antibot release.

To apply your preset to your desired tasks, highlight the tasks, right click and select your preset from the list shown below. Your tasks will then adopt the settings of your preset.