The platform tab of task settings is where the primary setup of the task will occur. Most platform will have a very simplistic setup procedure, often as easy as inserting a URL/SKU and selecting your desired checkout payment method.

  • Profile – Select the profile or profile group you’d like the task to use.
  • Proxy list – This is the proxy list that will be used for both stock checking AND checkout if no checkout proxy list is selected. You do not need to select the same proxy list twice in both. Leaving this section blank means the local IP is being used (note: if using a server then this local IP is in fact the server IP, which can often be banned to most sites).
  • Checkout proxy list – This is the proxy list that will be used during the add to cart and checkout stages of a task. Once again, you do not need to select a group here if you’re happy to use the first proxy list for all stages of the task’s checkout. If you do decide to use this, the checkout proxy list comes into effect AFTER stock is found but BEFORE adding to cart is attempted.
    You can also select ‘local IP’ here as checkout proxy, which can be useful for where you are using PayPal checkout as PayPal can give additional security prompts with login attempts on unusual IPs.
  • Task Type – This is the chosen input you are using for the product you wish to bot. Not all platforms will have multiple options, some may be restricted to direct link (URL) or SKU only.
  • Checkout – This is the desired checkout method you wish to use for your tasks. Once again, not all options will be available on every platform. Where possible, ‘Credit Card (Auto)’ is always recommended for optimal checkout speed.