• Task Type – This is the product search mode that will be used when running Supreme.
  • Direct Link – This uses the URL of the product you’re trying to purchase. These become available after droptime and is the fastest way to checkout. Restocks should always be ran on direct links for maximum efficiency.
  • Keywords – Keywords are entered in the format below. Separate keywords with a SPACE only, separate different search terms by placing them on a NEW LINE. DO NOT USE COMMAS, PLUS OR MINUS SYMBOLS.

    The positive keyword box is used to specify which words a product must match in order to be added to cart. If any keywords in your search term are missing from the product page title, the item will not be added to cart. Therefore, you should not be too specific with your keywords.

    The negative Keyword box is used to specify which products the bot should ignore if it is contained in the product title. For example, below I have set task keywords to add to cart products containing the words “Hanes” but ignore products also containing the words “Socks” and “Boxer”. This leads to the task only picking up the Hanes Tagless Tees.
  • Special Keywords:
    Following EU's drop, Special Keywords become available to use for US and JP droptime and are posted in the #supreme-keywords channel in the Eve Discord server. These are special strings that correspond to a specific product. They essentially ensure you cannot get keywords wrong. However as a fallback, you are able to use regular keywords alongside them as a backup and we highly suggest you do! Also remember to specify a color unless you want a random color of the product. Refer to screenshot below for an example of special keyword usage with the ones in the hyperlink above.
  • Color – This is where you input the color/s you wish to run. If using multiple colours, ensure to select “Contains”. If you want to run for a random color leave it blank. Regardless of using Exact match or Contains, color is NOT case sensitive.
  • Exact match – Use this if you know of and want to run for a specific color. Say for example Supreme release a product in 2 renditions of the same color e.g. Royal Blue and Light Blue (not claiming color accuracy here, just an example), and you only want the Light Blue. Thus, using ‘Contains’ and just “Blue” could result in checking out the wrong color. You can instead use ‘Exact match’ and “Light Blue” and ensure that’s the only color that’s checked out. Note: the color name on the product page must EXACTLY match the color you enter in order to be checked out.
  • Contains – This selection will be best for most people and scenarios. Using ‘Contains’ means that Eve will attempt to cart any product containing the color input. E.g. If you use ‘Contains’ and enter “Grey” and the color on the product page is “Heather Grey”, the bot will still add to cart and checkout.
  • Pick random if not available – If ticked, Eve will attempt to cart and checkout ANY color of a product found if the color/s you selected are unavailable/Out of Stock.
  • Checkout – This is the desired payment method that you wish to use. Please note that different payment methods are available to different regions:

    Europe – Credit Card (Auto) and PayPal (Manual)
    USA - Credit Card (Auto)
    Japan – Credit Card (Auto) and Cash on delivery
  • Region – Select the Supreme region you are planning to run. Note: your local IP/proxies MUST be geolocated in the region you wish to run.
  • Mode - We have 3 Supreme modes, aimed to be utilised in different scenarios:

    Hybrid - Our newest Supreme mode, we recommend prioritising this and Browser mode at droptime.
    Browser - This mode uses a headless browser and is our most resilient mode against Ticket (Supreme's new antibot), which affects requests (Fast) mode more heavily. Please ensure to run a mixture of browser and hybrid mode tasks at droptime.
    Fast - This is our traditional requests based mode that you are all familiar with. Whilst this mode is our fastest, it now encounters card declines most frequently at droptime and even on restocks. Therefore it's recommended you utilise the other 2 modes above more.
  • Multicart – Multicart allows you to checkout multiple different products in the same cart, saving on both individual shipping charges and captcha tokens (mostly applies to Europe and Japan). When creating multicarts, the parent task is the priority and so if anything should go wrong in the carting of the connected children tasks (i.e. add to cart failure or out of stock), the parent task will check out on its own. Therefore, the item you want the most should always be the parent task. The video below shows how to use multicart:
  • Quantity – Supreme restricts the vast majority of its products to 1 per cart and 1 checkout per address. Therefore, this setting should be left on the default value of 1 unless stated otherwise.
  • Captcha priority - This feature allows you to prioritize which tasks will receive captcha tokens when more than 1 task is at the “waiting for captcha” stage. This can be useful for ensuring tasks which are more time sensitive (e.g. multicart tasks, tasks running size Small/XLarge or more hyped items) are first in line to checkout. The default value is 10, or essentially ‘no priority’ and the lowest value is 1, or ‘highest priority’. If you don’t require prioritization, you may leave all tasks as “10”.
  • Captcha bypass – Captcha bypass has been patched and no longer works. Ignore this setting.
  • Restock Mode - If ticked, the task will use Eve's new restock mode which constantly attempts to add to cart a single size only of a single color, rather than the traditional way of the task checking for stock and THEN attempting to add to cart what's available. This task mode will NOT check for any size, once again it randomly selects a size on a product when you start a task. Likewise, if you leave the color field blank the task will automatically pick a random color AND STICK WITH IT. Therefore, if you'd like a restock mode task to use a specific size and color we advise specifying and writing the specific color and size in their respective fields.

    In this screenshot I've made an example task on the Supreme Air Force 1s and put 'White' in the color field to make sure only the white pair will be checked out. I left the size on Random so upon starting that task it will pick ANY size of the AF1s that's previously loaded.

    So, for best use of the restock mode feature we advise that you at least specificity the color that you want in the task settings to ensure that your tasks will be evenly distributed across all colors you may want. The exact same applies to size to.

    NOTE: Restock mode can only be used with FAST task mode.
  • 3DS Card - This setting applies to Supreme EU only. 3D Secure handling allows you to use any card you have on Supreme, even those that decline with Eve’s 3DS bypass.

    3DS Bypass (box UNTICKED) as of last week is still working, however Supreme can clip this at any time. Therefore, it is suggested to run a mixture of tasks with the box ticked and unticked. Also note, certain cards may be incompatible with Eve’s 3DS bypass. You can confirm compatibility with a test task, if compatible you will see “Card Declined” in logs and you’ll also receive a charge attempt.

    When 3DS is encountered, the task will open a window as shown below, allowing you to enter any SMS codes, complete any in-app notifications etc. There should be short stock reserve timeframe upon reaching 3DS on Supreme but make sure to complete the payments as quickly as possible regardless.