Upon opening the bot, you’ll be greeted with the dashboard page. This is where you’ll primarily spend your time while the bot is in operation.

New Task – Here you can create new Eve tasks on all the platforms the bot supports.

Quick task (can also be triggered by using F1 key) – This function allows you to quickly create a task, by importing most of the task settings from your stored quick task settings contained within the ‘Settings’ tab. All you’ll need to do is provide a URL (for convenience, the latest item on your clipboard will be auto-pasted) and optionally adjust task number and task quantity. Please see the dedicated article for more details on this function.

Main Actions:

  • Start tasks – This will start all selected tasks. Clicking this again will pause a task, which preserves the task's session and whatever state it is in prior to pausing.
  • Stop tasks – This will stop all selected tasks.
  • Edit Task | Mass Edit – If 1 task is selected this will allow you to edit said task. If multiple tasks are selected, you can conveniently mass edit any required settings on all selected tasks. Note: only selected tasks from the same platform can be mass edited.
  • Duplicate tasks – This allows you to make a copy of the selected task/s
  • Delete tasks – This will erase any selected tasks.
  • Presets – Please refer to Presets article.

Individual task buttons: (numbered 1-4 in the above screenshot)

  • 1 – Start task (when clicked, icon will change to a pause sign. Clicking again will pause the task and preserve the task’s session and status)
  • 2 – Stop task
  • 3 – Edit task
  • 4 – Delete task

Task Right-Click Settings: (those not mentioned have same function as 'Main Actions' buttons)

  • Start Group – This will start ALL tasks of the same platform, regardless of which tasks are selected.
  • Stop Group – This will stop ALL tasks of the same platform, regardless of which tasks are selected.
  • New Task – This opens the task creation window with all settings pre-filled from the highlighted task, allowing for fast creation of similar tasks.
  • Select All – This will select ALL tasks, regardless of the platform.
  • Mass Link Change – This will change the link of ALL tasks running on the same site, regardless of which task/s are selected. E.g. If 2 Kith tasks, 1 Undefeated task and 1 Eastbay task are selected and you mass link change with a Kith link, ONLY the 2 Kith tasks will be affected by the function and have their link changed.
  • Schedule Start – This allows you to schedule the exact time you’d like your selected task/s to start.
  • Schedule Stop – This allows you to schedule the exact time you’d like your selected task/s to stop. You can also schedule a stop time on tasks that are currently on their scheduled start countdown.
  • Presets – Coming soon!
  • Prepare session – For platforms/task modes that require a browser/manual checkout completion at some stage, this feature allows you to pre-open the browser (and/or even pre-login to your PayPal account) and save valuable seconds on checkout time.
  • Log – This allows you to view the task logs of the specific task you’ve selected.

Tip: if you’d like to edit the link of only SOME of the tasks running a particular website, then selecting the desired tasks and using the “Edit Task | Mass Edit” button is better than the “Mass Link Change” button since only your selected tasks will be affected by the change.

Hot Keys

F1 – Quick Task

F2 – Mass Link Change