This page of the bot contains the vast majority of the fine-tuning settings for Eve. It may appear slightly confusing at a glance, but it is all very straightforward.

  • Import/Export - This will allow you to save and export/load in all settings configured on this page. Very ideal for when moving your Eve copy between devices and you want to quickly restore your previous settings.
  • Check For UpdateThis will check for any updates for Eve, and proceed to download and install them if available. The bot’s version number is displayed below this button. The Eve discord has a dedicated channel to updates which states the latest bot version, so you can also use this to tell when you may have an update pending. A lot changes in a short amount of time so we recommend that you ALWAYS have your EveAIO X updates to the latest version.
  • Renew If you have an EveAIO X renewal license then click this button to quickly and easily renew your license via our dashboard. EveAIO X Lifetime license holders are not required to do this.
  • Automatic Log CleanerIf enabled, this will clear all entries on the Log tab every ‘X’ minutes. Note: this does NOT clear your actual log files found in the EveAIO X installation directory.
  • Localization Change the language of EveAIO X to any of the supported options.
  • Deactivate This will deactivate EveAIO X and the bot will close.
  • 1 Checkout Per Site Reset This resets the 'One Checkout Per Website' counter for any profile/s with this setting enabled that have already checked out, allowing them to checkout once more.
  • Default Retry Delay - This is the default delay range that will appear during task creation
  • Sound NotificationsFor each box that’s ticked, the bot will make a doorbell sound when that particular notification criteria is met.

Miscellaneous Settings:

  • Collapse Tasks on StartupThis will collapse all tasks down to their various platforms when the bot is opened, which can make it easier to see and edit particular tasks.
  • Close Task Window on Saving This will close the task creation/task edit window when you click the ‘Save’ button instead of keeping the window open for further task creation or editing.
  • Share Success This setting allows you to opt into sharing your successful checkouts in the #shared-success-optional Eve Discord server channel. This sharing will be completely anonymous and void of any identifying order information.
  • Open Log LocationThis will open the directory where EveAIO X's logs are stored in Windows Explorer.
  • Open EveAIO Location This will open the directory where EveAIO X is installed in Windows Explorer.