Proxies are a crucial element to successful botting. Their purpose is to both shield your IP from the websites you’re running, as well as allowing you to run an increased number of tasks and lower delays, giving you a competitive edge.

EveAIO X allows you to create as many proxy lists as you desire, allowing you to store your various proxies from different providers and/or locations easily. These proxies can then be applied to your tasks by selecting the corresponding list from the dropdown in the task settings.

Main Actions:

  • Add – This will open a window allowing you to create a new proxy list.
  • Edit – This allows you to edit your previously created proxy list. From here you can re-test, add, remove or rename your proxy list.
  • Delete – Allows you delete the selected proxy list/s.
  • Duplicate – Allows you to make a copy of the selected proxy list/s.