This is where you’ll be able to setup your captcha solver windows and login to your gmails, allowing you to solve any captcha requests that are sent from a website. It is important that you setup these solver windows correctly, as the speed and ease of the captchas you solve are essential to improving checkout chances. We recommend that each captcha solver window is logged into with a unique Google account, and that you do not have more than 2 solvers running on the same IP. Note: If the proxy field (circled red below) is left blank, the solver is using your local IP.

To login to your Google account, start off by clicking on the large “+” button.

From there, you can name your captcha solver as something memorable (i.e. a nickname of the email address). You should then toggle the button above the name field to the right, enabling the captcha solver window (the button will be pink when enabled).

After enabling, the captcha solver window should automatically open. You’ll be greeted with 3 buttons; YouTube, Google and Clear Cache/IP. Before doing anything else, if you desire to login on a chosen proxy, paste the proxy (in ip:port:user:pass format) in the proxy field and hit the ‘Set’ button. Next, click the ‘Google’ button to be brought to the login page. After logging into your chosen gmail, click the refresh symbol in the top left corner of the captcha solver window. You’re now ready to handle websites with captcha!

Tip: We recommend that you login to as many solvers as you have individual, high quality gmails for as more solvers ensures that more tasks can solve captcha at the same time, thus increasing your chances of checkout. Additionally, we suggest logging into a maximum of 2 gmails per IP (this includes local IP too) to avoid being flagged by Google for suspected automation.