On this page, you will be able to create your checkout profiles for use on the websites you plan to run in Eve.

Main Actions:

  • Add – This will bring up the profile creation window, allowing you to enter your address and card details to create your profiles.
  • Edit – This allows you to make changes to your selected profile.
  • Delete – This allows you to erase the selected profile/s.
  • Duplicate – This allows you to easily make a copy of your selected profile/s.

Individual profile buttons: (numbered 1-3 in the above screenshot)

  • 1 – Edit profile
  • 2 – Duplicate profile
  • 3 – Delete profile

Tip: You can re-order your profiles by selecting a profile and then use the CTRL + Arrow Up/Down keys to change the profile position in the list.

Profile creation – Important functions:

  • Shipping info same as Billing info – If you’re using a shipping address which is different to your card’s billing address (e.g. reshipper, friend’s house) you can untick this box and have the ability to enter the different shipping address. This is advisable to avoid fraud-based declines by your card issuer.
  • Profile Based Sizing – This is an advanced feature which won’t be necessary for most users. However should you wish that a particular profile only goes for a certain size/range of sizes on any platform you use it on, this can be configured here. This feature can be beneficial to those running slots for clients or friends.
  • One Checkout Per Website – This feature allows you to set Eve to automatically stop all additional tasks running the same profile once 1 task successfully checks out on that website.

    Note: this feature has its limitations, if you run too many tasks on the same profile and multiple reach submitting order at the same time, there is a HIGH likelihood that multiple tasks will complete checkout.

To combat this, it’s best that the above feature is combined with the following user actions:

  1. Transaction limit the card used for that profile so that it can only checkout 1 or your desired number of items.
  2. If not possible, then use a card on the profile with only enough money loaded for the number of checkouts you wish to make.

Miscellaneous functions:

  • Shuffle button – This will create a random first and last name combination, as well as entering fake card details with valid formatting. This is useful for quickly creating a test profile.