This page allows you to quickly and easily view your tasks that have checked out, along with some information about the checkout such as the time, item price and even the checkout proxy.

Task Status Columns:

Login – Except for tasks ran on platforms where account login is mandatory, you will always see a grey “?” here.

Carting – This allows you to know at a glance if a task managed to cart or not. A successfully carted task will have a green tick.

Checkout – This will quickly inform you as to whether a task has successfully checked out or not. A successful checkout will have a green tick. To confirm whether a task has truly been successful, look for a charge and email to the profile that you used.


Question mark – This symbol can mean that either a task has not reached that stage yet (e.g. “?” in the Checkout column right after a task has carted), the stage is ignored completely (e.g. Login column on tasks not requiring login), or that an unknown error has occurred/the status of the task is not known.

Tick – This symbol means that the task has completed this stage in the checkout process. In regards to the ‘Checkout’ column, a pink tick indicates that manual checkout completion is required.

Cross – This symbol means that the task has failed to complete this stage in the checkout process.

NOTE: These tasks statuses are vague by nature and are only meant to be used to quickly gauge how your tasks are performing at a glance. Should you require more information (e.g. the reasoning for a failed add to cart or checkout) then please refer to the task logs.

Main Actions:

  • Screenshot – This takes a screenshot of the bot window, allowing you to post your success easily in your relevant cookgroup servers/Twitter.
  • Post Success – Use this if you'd like to post your success in the Eve Discord server anonymously.
  • Clear Success List – This will clear all information on the Success tab.