‘Mesh’ sites collectively refers to websites owned by JD Group. Therefore, this guide applies to JD Sports, Footpatrol, Size? and HipStore. JD Sports US is NOT a Mesh site!

Task Type – This is the type of resource you’ll be using to checkout your desired item:

  • Direct Link – This is the URL of the product page you want to bot. Simplest task type to use, particularly for testing.
  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) can be found within the URL of a product if the product is already loaded. Alternatively, your cookgroup should provide SKUs of shoes that have loaded but have yet to be released. Note: on different regions of Footpatrol, Size? and JD Sports (when they are eventually supported) the format of the SKU can differ slightly to those in the example.
  • PID – Product ID (PID) or sometimes commonly referred to as a “size SKU” corresponds to a specific size of a specific product. This is the fastest checkout method on mesh sites and should be utilised where possible.
    PIDs are only available once a product has loaded and been released. You can find a PID on an in-stock product by right-clicking on a size and clicking ‘inspect element’. There you can see the corresponding PIDs for every size that’s in-stock. Additionally, you can find some PIDs of hyped shoes that have restocked in your cook group’s mesh monitor if they have one. Good cook groups should also keep an archive of past released SKUs/PIDs, and readily provide it to you before restock mornings.
    Currently, ONLY Footpatrol supports SKU and PID usage.

Checkout – This is the method which your task will be using to complete payment:

  • Credit Card (Auto) – This mode will automatically attempt to checkout on the card attached to your profile. NOTE: currently only non-3DS cards can be used with autocheckout.
  • Credit Card (Manual) – Very similar to auto, except once a task reaches payment a browser window will open allowing you to type your card details and purchase. Once payment is reached, stock is reserved for a short period of time.
  • PayPal (Manual) – Like credit card (manual), once a task reaches payment a browser window opens allowing you to login to your PayPal account and complete payment. Again, stock is reserved for a short period of time at this stage.
  • 3DS Card - Ensure to tick this box when using 3D Secure cards with 'Credit Card (Automatic)' checkout mode. When 3DS is encountered, the task will open a window allowing you to enter any SMS codes, complete any in-app notifications etc. If your cards have no 3DS then you do not need to tick this. For reference the vast majority of European cards will have a form of 3D Secure. If in doubt, tick the box.

All other pages of the task setup are standard, and explanations for the 'General' and 'Advanced' pages can be found in their respective sections of the user manual hyperlinked above.

Important Notes:

  • Cookies are required on ALL Mesh sites, you can generate these by using the cookie gatherer on the ‘Tools’ page of the bot. Please click HERE for a video showing how to gather cookies in Eve.
  • The UK regions of Mesh sites (Footpatrol UK, Size? UK, JD Sports UK and HipStore) all use UK sizing on products and that's what you'll use in bot, in the typical format (e.g. 6#6.5#7#7.5#8 to run sizes UK 6-8). The European regions of Mesh sites however all use EU sizing. Please be aware of this.
  • Due to the increased prevalence of raffling, Mesh sites now rarely drop shoes online at the respectable time of 8am GMT/BST. Quite often they now restock remaining pairs from their online raffles at 3, 4 or 5am GMT/BST on Wednesdays typically.
  • Mesh sites require 1 cookie for every add to cart attempt. Therefore your cookies can be used up very quickly on a drop/restock. Ideally you’ll want to go into a release with several hundred cookies.
  • Footpatrol UK has captcha on add to cart, please be aware of this and ready to solve captchas and/or utilise 2Captcha, AntiCaptcha and AutoSolve if you own AYCD.
  • Cookies are SITE SPECIFIC. You CANNOT for example, use Size? UK cookies on Footpatrol UK, nor use Footpatrol FR cookies on Footpatrol UK.