Holypopstore is a fairly simple store to run, simply requiring a direct URL (which is loaded days before their releases) and a unique account for each task you plan to run. However, they do tend to raffle a large proportion of hyped products they receive.

  • Direct Link – This is the URL of the product page you plan to run, you can find this on the website usually and if not, often a cookgroup will provide.
  • Checkout – This is the payment method the bot will use for checkout:
  • Credit Card (Auto) – This mode will attempt autocheckout on the card attached to the profile you’re using. You can only use this mode on NON-3DS cards at the moment otherwise you will get payment errors. For 3DS cards please use Credit Card (Manual).
  • Credit Card (Manual) – This mode will open a Chrome browser at payment, allowing you to enter your card details and checkout. This mode can be used with any card you possess. Additionally, there is a stock hold once you reach payment so don’t be afraid of this mode.
  • Login – This is where you’ll enter the details of the Holypop account. ‘Username’ is the email address and ‘Password’ is the password of the account. Important: only use 1 account per task.

All other pages of the task setup are standard, and explanations for the 'General' and 'Advanced' pages can be found in their respective sections of the user manual hyperlinked above.


  • Holypopstore is VERY prone to heavy website crashing before droptime. Therefore your tasks will encounter a lot of errors (502/3s) which is normal. You’ll want to make sure you start tasks 10-15 minutes early on high delays to ensure they are logged in and able to check for stock. Lower delays 30 seconds before drop.
  • As of recent, they have started making a lot of their more hyped releases Italy shipping only. This is usually stated by them on the product page.