This guide applies to the following stores: Champs Sports, Eastbay, Footaction, Footlocker, Footlocker CA and Footlocker Kids.

Footsite task creation is incredibly streamlined, simply requiring the SKU of the product. After that, select your desired profile and proxy list and you’re ready to go. Should you need clarification on any of the fields and functions in task setup, please refer to this section of the user guide.

  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) can often be found in the URL of a product but if not, can be found at the bottom of a product page. This will likely also be contained in a cookgroup’s guide, as well as the #bot-setup channel in the Eve Discord server.
  • Checkout – This will be Credit Card (Auto) by default.
  • Discount Code – If you have a valid discount code for the footsite you are running, insert it here and Eve will attempt to apply the discount to the task before checkout.

If the product you’re running has a timer, upon starting tasks Eve will submit shipping before detecting timer and waiting. The tasks will then automatically go live at droptime.

However, should you wish to remove timer on a task manually and have it start checking stock you can do so by selecting a task, right clicking and selecting the “Remove Timer” option.