NOTE: This segment refers to OLD Footlocker regions still using Intershop. For how to setup 'new' regions, the setup process is very similar to Footsites.

Task Type – This is the type of resource you’ll be using to checkout your desired item:

  • Direct Link – This is the URL of the product page you want to bot. Footlocker EU load their product pages many days early so it’s easy to find and setup before drop. Cook groups/monitors will also likely link product page.
  • SKU – SKU (stock keeping unit) can often be found in the URL of a product but if not, can be found at the bottom of a product page. This will likely also be contained in a cookgroup’s guide.
  • PID – PID (Product ID) or sometimes commonly referred to as a “size SKU” corresponds to a specific size of a specific product. They can be created by taking an SKU and adding a 3 digit size identifier to the end. The size codes are in US sizing, e.g. 070 = US 7 and 125 = US 12.5.

    For example, adding 095 onto 314101315704 to make 314101315704095. This corresponds to a US 9.5 of this shoe. A PID will only attempt to cart that 1 specific size, so you can leave sizing as “Random” on the ‘General’ tab.

Checkout – This is the desired checkout method you wish to use for your tasks:

  • Credit Card (Automatic) – This mode performs autocheckout on the card in your profile. You can use this mode with ANY card you like (even SMS 3D Secure cards) as long as you tick the '3DS Card' box at the bottom of the task settings page. Note: due to having previously had 3DS support implemented, there is no need to tick this box for Revolut, Monzo and N26 cards as 3DS will still be handled. If you’ve setup Checkout URL/PayPal link webhook you’ll also receive the payment link via Discord webhook as a fallback in case autocheckout fails.
  • Credit Card (Manual) – This mode requires you to manually complete payment, Eve will open a Chrome browser and autofill your profile’s card details for convenience. This mode allows you to both use any card you desire, regardless of 3DS as well as access other payment methods such as PayPal on Footlocker UK. This mode also sends the payment link via Discord webhook if setup.

Login – As first seen on Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Tail Light, Footlocker EU can now make it so that you must be logged in to be able to cart a release product. If this ever happens, then you can enable login here and add your account credentials. You can also use Login Pools to simplify this process, and use the pink arrow key to add login credentials to your tasks.

Region – Ensure to select the Footlocker EU country that the profile you’re running is shipping to. This is particularly essential for SKU and PID usage, as this ensures you are running on the correct region. Failure to do so can result in “Shipping not available” error.

3DS Card - Ensure to tick this box when using 3D Secure cards with 'Credit Card (Automatic)' checkout mode. When 3DS is encountered, the task will open a window allowing you to enter any SMS codes, complete any in-app notifications etc. If your cards have no 3DS then you do not need to tick this. For reference the vast majority of European cards will have a form of 3D Secure. If in doubt, tick the box.