BSTN is a very simple site to setup and run. At a base level, simply insert direct link, set retry delay and start.

Direct Link – This is the URL of the product page being botted. For hyped products due to release your cook group should provide you with an early link. Make sure you are using /en/ links!

Checkout – PayPal is the only payment method supported by Eve. A browser window will open once Eve carts and submits shipping. Alternatively, you can open the browser window in advance and even pre-login to your PayPal account for that task by right-clicking the task and selecting ‘Prepare Browser’.

Quantity – You can adjust the quantity of a product you want Eve to attempt to cart. In the most part this should be left on the default value of ‘1’.

All other pages of the task setup are standard, and explanations for the 'General' and 'Advanced' pages can be found in their respective sections of the user manual hyperlinked above.

For hCaptcha products

As of recent, BSTN have started using a hCaptcha splash page on their more hyped products which must be solved before you can gain access to the product page. Eve supports hCaptcha on BSTN using the in-built captcha solver windows or 2Captcha.

To use your in-built captcha solver windows, you will not need to do anything special. Run your tasks as normal and when hCaptcha is encountered, it will be sent to the captcha solvers.

If you'd like to use 2Captcha, you must first ensure you've configured your 2Captcha API key in the bot. If unsure of what this or how to setup 2Captcha API please click HERE. Once you’ve configured 2Captcha in the ‘Captcha’ tab of the bot, place a value in the 2Captcha field on the 'Advanced' tab (1 is fine for testing, but a higher value of around 5 is better for droptimes) in the task settings. Finally, start your tasks and when hCaptcha is encountered a request will be sent to 2Captcha to be solved.

NOTE: The solve time on hCaptcha is typically longer than the average solve time of Google reCAPTCHA. Please be aware and factor this in when using.