Websites are constantly adapting against the usage of bots, and one of the major changes this has brought along is the requirement for cookies to perform certain functions on their site. Thankfully, Eve has a solution for this and you are able to generate cookies directly within the bot for the sites that require them.

  • Proxy - You can select a proxy list on which to gather cookies. This can help avoid bans from the site due to excessive refreshing. However you must make sure that the proxies you're using are not banned to the website otherwise you will not be able to gather cookies.
  • Delay - This is the cooldown duration (in ms) that Eve will wait before attempting to gather the next cookie. This is especially useful for those gathering cookies on local IP, which is prone to soft bans due to constant refreshing. 1000ms = 1 second.

Websites that require cookies are displayed in the list of sites in the cookie gatherer. If the website is not listed, you do not need to do anything.

Cookies should be gathered before you attempt to start your tasks to avoid any errors. Also note that in order to gather cookies for a particular site, the IP you’re using MUST be unbanned and able to access that site.

The video below shows an example of cookie gathering in order to run a task on Size UK.

Note: The lifespan of cookies can vary, but typically they will be valid for at least a couple weeks. However, best practice is to always have your cookies be as fresh as possible. Cookies gathered days before a drop instead of weeks stand far greater chance of being valid at the time of use. Invalid cookies will likely result in (403) errors at the point of use, typically adding to cart.