The purpose of profile groups is to allow you to quickly and easily create tasks on your own custom set of profiles. For example, if you know you’ll be running a website requiring US shipping, you can create a profile group with only your US addresses and effortlessly create tasks on ONLY those profiles. Additionally, profile groups allow you to configure your (remote and regular) quick tasks settings to create tasks on multiple profiles instead of just 1 (or even all profiles, which can be equally problematic and unrefined).

To create a profile group, click on the ‘Groups’ button which will open a window. From there, click on the “+” symbol and you can enter the desired name for your group. You can create as many groups as you desire. Once finished click ‘Save’.

Finally, to add profiles to your desired group select all applicable profiles and then right-click. You’ll be greeted with the names of your created groups, click the desired group to save the profiles to said group. You can hover over a profile to quickly see which group/s it belongs to as well!