• Sizing – EveAIO X requires sizing to be in the exact format that’s displayed on the site you wish to bot. For example, Kith uses “S” for size small, whereas Supreme uses “Small” for size small. For sites with more than 1 sizing format offered (e.g. US, UK and EU) then typically it’s the site default that is used, unless stated otherwise in the site-specific guides. You can run for multiple sizes by placing a hashtag (#) in between each size, e.g. 7#8#8.5#10.
  • Include – The size range you enter will be the ONLY sizes the bot attempts to checkout. If they aren’t available or are out of stock, the bot will not checkout.
  • Exclude – The size range you enter are sizes that Eve will ignore and will not attempt to checkout. E.g. if you wanted to avoid sizes 11, 12 and 12.5 on Kith for a shoe drop you’d select ‘Exclude’ and type “11#12#12.5” in the size field.
  • Random – If this is ticked, the bot will attempt to checkout ANY size that’s available. This is good for where you’re happy to checkout any size or are unsure of sizing format.
  • Random if not available – If this is ticked, Eve will attempt to add to cart and checkout any available size if none of your chosen sizes are loaded/in-stock.
  • Retry delay– This is how often you’d like your task to check stock, measured in milliseconds (ms). 1000ms = 1 second. If running local IP or with limited proxies, be sure not to run too low of a delay otherwise you risk temporary/permanent banning of your IP/proxies. Eve automatically rotates proxy on each stock check.
  • Exact – Eve will check stock at this exact interval every time. E.g. if 2500 is entered, Eve will check stock every 2.5 seconds and rotate proxy each time.
  • Interval – Eve will check stock at a random value in between the interval range you enter. E.g. if 2500-5000 is entered, Eve will check stock at a random time between 2.5 and 5 seconds and rotate proxy each time.
  • Price Check – This is a VERY beneficial setting, allowing you to select a price range that a product must fall within to be added to cart and checked out. For example, if running for a Yeezy Boost 350 V2 on a US site using the keywords “Yeezy Boost” that has other Yeezy products loaded and in-stock, the task will automatically ignore all other products matching the keywords “Yeezy Boost” if they do not fall within the price check range.
    Note: price check currency is in the default currency of the site being ran. E.g. Kith price check is in USD and Juice Store’s price check is in HKD. Price check also ONLY takes into account the retail price displayed on the item product page, not any additional tax/shipping incurred at checkout.