What retry delay should I use?

Fairly standard delays of around 2000ms should be suitable. For this it’s also recommended to have at least a 2:1 proxy to task ratio.

What proxies should I use on BSTN?

BSTN is a site which is pretty strict on IPs, so you’ll likely need EU static residentials. Please confirm with your proxy provider that they support BSTN also.

When should I start my tasks?

BSTN have a habit of releasing products early, as well as site going under HEAVY load as droptime approaches. This coupled with the need to allow time for hCaptcha tokens to be received from 2Captcha (if the release is hCaptcha enabled) means starting relatively early on high delays and lowering them as droptime approaches/you get notification of stock live is a good approach. For example, start 15-20 minutes early if possible on 10000ms+ retry delay.

I’m getting a browser window briefly flash, before closing and the task saying “shipping error”. How can I fix this?

This is due to chromedriver incompatibility. Please refer to the video posted in #announcements channel of Eve Discord server for instructions on how to fix.