What size format does WoodWood use?

This actually varies by shoe brand, with most using US sizing. However, there are outliers, like Adidas who use UK sizing and certain other niche brands/shoes which use EU sizing. Below is how you’d format your tasks for running multiple sizes on each type:

EU EU 40#EU 40.5#EU 41#EU 41.5

What proxy type should I use on WoodWood?

WoodWood like to ban IPs very quickly, therefore residential proxies can often be best for this site since you can more easily generate a large list of IPs. Occasionally they also put up a short queue to ease site traffic, so static residentials are typically best to ensure you don't loop in queue. Avoid local IP for anything other than testing where possible.

What retry delays should I use on WoodWood?

Retry delays of around 2000ms should be suitable in most scenarios. If going lower than this, you’ll want to ensure you have a good surplus of proxies relative to the number of tasks being ran (4:1 proxy to task ratio or above is ideal). Generally it’s inadvisable to run any less than a 2:1 proxy to task ratio due to WW’s heavy banning.

Why have I gotten “Shipping Not Available” when my profile should be fine?

If this occurs during droptime, it’s very likely that the item went out of stock after carting. If you are getting this on a test task, make sure to double check your profile is configured correctly and that WoodWood actually ship to your country.