Do I require proxies to run Supreme, and what type of proxies work?

You WILL require proxies if you are running on a server, most server IPs are banned to Supreme. You SHOULD use proxies if you plan to run more than approx. 10 tasks, particularly if you want to run retry delays lower than 1000ms and not risk getting IP banned.

Both Datacenter (DC) and residential proxies can work on Supreme. However, if planning to use DC proxies make sure to a) confirm with the proxy provider whether they work on Supreme before purchasing or b) if you already own DCs, test the proxies to to ensure they are unbanned.

When should I start my tasks?

Start your tasks 10-15 seconds before droptime.

What is a 'safe' but good retry/checkout delay for droptime or restocks?

  • Droptime - 750ms retry | 1000 to 2000 checkout delay (with a few tasks with lower or higher delay ranges to cover all bases)
  • Restocks - 250-500ms retry delay (lower if you have proxies) | 0 checkout delay

How many items per address/card can I purchase?

Supreme/Splay only allow you to cop 1 per product PER card PER address. Please note that a different color of the same item is considered the SAME product. In order to bypass this restriction, you must use multiple cards and jig (alter certain aspects of your profile, such as changing name, adding “apt 1”, “room 1” etc. and other minor adjustments) your profiles to make them appear as unique people and addresses to Supreme.

What cards work on Supreme?

EU: Eve  has 3DS handling implemented for Supreme. Therefore, theoretically any card can now be used. In-app notification 3DS cards should be prioritised over SMS cards for both simplicity and speed.

You can also utilise Eve’s PayPal function. This can be very fast when used correctly, people have copped box logo tees and hoodies at droptime using this so do not underestimate it. However note that a single PayPal account can only be logged into 1 browser session, further logins will logout the previous. For guidance, refer to the video below:

US: It seems Privacy cards no longer work, even those that were marketed/provided specifically as “working on Supreme”. Seems people are either getting TOS, card declines or payments reverted. As I am UK based, I do not have Privacy myself but I’m sharing experience I’ve witnessed from others both with Eve and other bots. However feel free to do your own testing. There are many VCC options to explore too.

Why am I getting "card decline" at droptime?

Supreme introduced a new antibot measure called Ticket, which is especially effective against requests based bots. One of our task modes (Fast) is particularly affected by Ticket, but if Supreme make changes before a drop it can also hinder Browser & Hybrid tasks too.

Why am I getting “TOS” at checkout?

Terms of Service (TOS) is a direct response received from Supreme/Splay and can be caused by a multitude of factors. Some of which include:

  • Use of a ‘test’ profile – Tests should be done on real address and real (frozen/transaction value limited/incorrect expiry AND CVV) card for true accuracy.
  • No checkout delay – At droptime and sometimes early restocks this is needed.
  • Ticket changes at droptime - if so, an announcement will be made by Turok to confirm this.
  • Attempting to use captcha bypass – This no longer works.
  • Card – banned or not accepted by Supreme.
  • Address – badly formatted in profile or banned.
  • IP – Potentially checkout banned.

Please attempt to troubleshoot by adjusting any of the above factors.

What does invalid billing mean?

This is a direct response from Supreme’s webstore when the billing address validation performed on your card is rejected. This is commonly caused by extreme jigging of a profile, to the point where it’s no longer recognised as the correct billing address. In this case you should re-assess your jigging on that profile and make it match the true billing more closely. For Supreme, billing address must match shipping address too. Invalid billing can also occur on 'test' profiles too.

What does duplicate order mean?

Often this is caused by you having checked out the same item on that name/card/address already, and due to Supreme’s aforementioned 1 item restriction the webstore is preventing further checkout. You can also get this error when using a different card if your jigged profiles were not unique enough from the profile that checked out previously.

What is the typical Sizing format for Supreme clothing?

Small, Medium, Large and XLarge