Are cookies required for Mesh sites?

Yes, you will need cookies for all Mesh sites. Every add to cart attempt uses 1 cookie. Cookies should last multiple weeks.

Does Eve’s Mesh use frontend (website) or backend (app)?

Eve uses frontend only.

What European regions are supported by Eve on Footpatrol, Size? and JD Sports?

You can see which regions are supported in the platform selection when creating a task, as well as which regions are shown in the list of sites in the cookie gatherer on the ‘Tools’ page of the bot.

What type of proxies should I use?

If possible, EU datacenter (DC) proxies are most ideal but a lot of providers are banned on mesh. Therefore, you should use EU static residential proxies. You should also aim to have a 2:1 proxy to task ratio at least when running Mesh to help avoid banning your IPs. Running tasks on local IP is not recommended.

When should I start my tasks?

  • For droptimes (rare) – You can start tasks on high delays around 10 minutes before expected droptime (usually 8am GMT/BST) and lower them to around 2-3000ms closer to droptime. You can alternatively wait for your cook group's monitor to ping stock is live, assuming they've scraped SKU before drop and have added it to their monitor.
  • For restocks – These usually occur at 3am BST/GMT on a Wednesday for hyped items. For this, you should start your tasks around 5 minutes before expected 'droptime'. There will likely be a permanent queue at the time, which should subside when items go live.

What retry delays should I use?

This will be open to debate, but delays of around 3000ms should be suitable for many users. Feel free to go lower/higher to better suit the requirements of your own setup.

Where do Mesh sites ship to?

As a general rule, the UK regions of Mesh sites (Footpatrol UK, Size? UK, JD Sports UK and HipStore) typically all ship Worldwide (this may be affected on Nike products however due to Nike’s shipping policy). The other European Mesh regions require a shipping address located in that country.

Can I import cookies generated from an external source?

Yes you can! Make sure to select the site you wish to import cookies for, and then click import. Find the file you wish to import and your cookie quantity should then reflect the new total. NOTE: to import, the cookie file must be in .txt format and contain 1 cookie per line.