What sizing does Holypopstore use?

They use US sizing. So e.g. to run for sizes US 7-9 you’d enter 7#7.5#8#8.5#9.

If I get an error at payment in Eve is my order lost?

Quite often, after reaching payment the order is actually created in the account but is just awaiting payment. For this reason, you should be able to login to the account manually and complete payment should Eve had any errors. Make sure to do this ASAP.

What proxies should I use on Holypopstore?

If possible, datacenter (DC) proxies are best due to their superior speed and better performance against Holypopstore’s constant site crashing at droptime. However, if not then static residential proxies are best.

My tasks are stuck in a “solving cloudflare” loop, what should I do?

If your tasks are encountering cloudflare outside of droptime, it’s HIGHLY advised that you switch proxies/IP as it has a bad reputation with Cloudflare. Before droptime, they enforce cloudflare properly to try reduce traffic so it will be normal to have this task status then. However, any good Ips will be able to pass this step. If you cannot pass, changing proxies is recommended.

What retry delay should I use for Holypopstore?

When starting tasks early it’s suggested to run them at 10000ms delay (10 secs) around 10-15 minutes before droptime to ensure they will login. Then approx. 30 seconds before drop you can lower these delays to around 1000ms +/- depending on proxies/tasks being ran. It’s suggested to have a 2:1 proxy to task ratio or above.