Are cookies required to run footsites?

Yes, at the time of writing you currently WILL need to generate cookies in order to run footsites. You can do so by using the cookie gatherer found in the #chrome-extension channel in the Eve Discord server, using the cookie gatherer located on the 'Tools' tab of the bot or by using 3rd party cookie generation software such as AYCD. Cookies are typically valid for a couple weeks, so you can start preparing and gathering cookies days before drop.

On footsites sizes look like “7.0”, how should we format sizes in Eve?

Exactly like normal, you’d simple enter “7”. If you want to do a sizing range, add a hashtag (#) BETWEEN each size (i.e 7#7.5#8#8.5#9 to run sizes US 7-9).

When should I start my tasks?

Ideally as soon as possible, especially on timer release products. Starting at least 30 minutes beforehand is ideal as you want to have your tasks started before any site queue goes up. Tasks started on a timer release product are not consuming data neither.

What proxies should I use for footsites?

As always, if you are able to obtain them then Datacenter (DC) proxies will be the best option. However residentials are perfectly suitable also. If so, you should use Static US Residential proxies.

What retry delays should I use on footsites?

As a general guide, at droptime your retry delay with residential proxies should be around 2000ms and with datacenter proxies around 3-5000ms due to them being far more susceptible to banning.

On restocks, your retry delay with residential proxies should be around 5000ms and with datacenter proxies they should be at least 5-7000ms (once again, due to their increased sensitivity to bans).

Feel free to play around and find a delay setup that works for you however, with more experience comes better setup. We also advise to run a 2:1 proxy to task ratio at least where possible, especially with DCs.

Why are my tasks stuck on “Submitting Shipping” or getting “Error submitting shipping” in the task logs?

Most commonly this is due to your proxies being dead or banned to the site. Make sure to test your proxy list before using. However, this can also be due to the use of badly formatted ‘Test’ profiles. You should use a real address and ideally frozen/transaction value limited card for true testing. If you are still encountering issues, try entering your Eve profile’s details directly on the footsite’s checkout page. It’s likely that the info will not be accepted there neither.

Where do footsites ship to?

The shipping destinations of each footsite can vary, most will ship internationally but some ship only within their country (e.g. Footlocker CA shipping to Canada only). Additionally, some products will further limited to shipping only within the footsite’s continent such as Nike products due to Nike’s shipping policy.

Finally, due to GDPR whilst most footsites may accept a European shipping address, you still require US IPs to access the site, so US proxies are necessary.