What task type I use for Footlocker EU?

Make sure to check #announcements channel as you'll be instructed as to what task task is currently working. At the time of writing, only PID task type can be used.

Are cookies required for Footlocker EU?

At the time of writing, cookies are currently NOT required for Footlocker EU. However, again please always refer to #announcements channel before drop in case of any changes.

What proxies should I use for Footlocker EU?

European Datacenter (DC) proxies are the best proxies to use on FL EU. However these can be difficult to find. Static (non-rotating) residential proxies are also perfectly suitable to use. Make sure not to use rotating proxies at droptime, because often a queue is active and so constantly switching IP will result in being in a constant queue. You may also find some proxies are placed in permanent queue, even during times where there is no queue. These should not be used. Ensure to utilise Eve’s proxy tester, particularly the Chrome browser test function.

What format is Footlocker EU’s sizing in?

Footlocker EU uses US sizing. Sizes are input the same as most other platforms (e.g. 8#8.5#9#9.5#10 for checking out sizes US 8-10). However, when using PID the only size the bot will attempt to cart is that specific PID's size. So you can leave sizing on random in this case as it does not apply.

When should I start my tasks?

You should start/schedule your tasks around 15 seconds before the droptime displayed on the product page.

Which cards can I use with Credit Card (Automatic) checkout mode?

You can now use ANY card you wish with 'Credit Card (Automatic)'.

With the exception of Revolut, Monzo and N26 (which are automatically handled), if your card has 3DS make sure to tick the '3DS Card' box and a window will open when a task encounters 3D Secure. If you have a non-3DS card then you don't need to tick this box.

What retry delays should I ideally run on Footlocker EU?


  • Resi –  Between 1000-2000ms retry delay.
  • DC – Between 3000-5000ms retry delay (DCs are far more susceptible to banning).


  • Resi – Around 4000ms or above retry delay.
  • DC – 5000ms or above retry delay.

You should also ideally run at least a 2:1 proxy to task ratio where possible to decrease chances of banning as much as possible, particularly with DCs.

What does “Address line 2 missing” mean?

Footlocker EU has a different checkout field layout (some other EU sites like BSTN are the same), where house number is a separate and mandatory field. Therefore your Eve profile should be adjusted to reflect this. For example, the screenshot below shows Footlocker UK’s checkout field layout. You should add your house number in address line 2 in your Eve profile.

Is there a character limit on address in FL EU?

Yes, address line 1 is limited to 29 characters maximum and address line 2 is limited to 12 characters maximum. If your profile exceeds this you will encounter shipping errors.

What other reasons can cause my shipping errors?

  • Selecting the incorrect FL EU region in task settings.
  • Not using a real email (or unsupported catchall email etc.), Footlocker EU refuses a lot of emails.
  • During droptime, you can encounter “shipping not available” when the item goes out of stock during the checkout process.

What does “Error submitting order” mean?

Most likely you have attempted to use a card that has 3D Secure and have forgotten to tick the '3DS Card' box in task settings. This can also occur when using a ‘Test’ profile with a fake card. Fake cards can also return "invalid credit card" error in task logs.