We’ll start by taking a look at the first screen of the task setup for Target:

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All the same as other sites at the top – LEAVE CHECKOUT PROXY LIST ALONE

Enter your link and login credentials.  Next select your mode.  If you select delivery, no additional action is required.  If you are botting an in-store pickup item, you must have a store selected on your account in Target browser.  This is the store EVE will be checking for stock.

For the Login mode there are two options.  Browser and Cookie methods both work great just browser does not require you to generate cookies.  But if you choose to go the cookie route, please refer below:

1. Go to Tools tab and click Gather in appropriate section
2. Chrome will open and load Target website
3. Click the small Eve extension icon to switch into debugging mode
4. Navigate to TARGET sign in page
5. Keep signing in (the email and password used for gathering are irrelevant. Doesn't have to be real account).
6. The number of gathered cookies will keep increasing.
7. Start tasks
Note 1: Tasks are set to re-login every 2.5 hours. Make sure to keep enough cookies in the pool
Note 2: If you click Sign in on Target's website and nothing happens, your IP is banned by Target's login service
Note 3: A restart (either after updating or just closing Eve) will clear existing cookies and force you to make a fresh set to be able to log back in and restart tasks

Finally, enter the number you wish to add to cart per checkout (leave blank if only 1) and you’re ready to move on to the General Tab.

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Not much here to discuss aside from delays.  Sizing only applies to clothing and other items with sizes but for one size items like consoles and toys, leave sizing on random.

Delays: it is recommended to run at least 1 proxy per task.  If you have 1 proxy per task you can safely run Target at 2000-2500ms delay.  If you have 2 proxies per task, 1000-1250.  3 per task, 700-800 and 4 per task 500-625.  The more proxies you have the lower your delays can be I hope you see the pattern above and can just do the math based on what you’re working with.

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A couple things to note on the advanced tab above.  First if you would like to take less risk of proxy bans you can use a watch task and the other tasks will start when watch task picks up the item you’re monitoring.  Instructions for this can be found here: https://kb.eve-robotics.com/advanced/

Next is mass create just enter the number of tasks you wish to setup for the item and it will create them all at once for you.  Note: if you mass-create and you only selected 1 profile (not a profile group) then that profile will be used for all tasks.  So, if you’re wanting to use multiple cards either make a group for Target: https://kb.eve-robotics.com/groups/ or you will have to manually edit each task and change some of the profiles.

Then start your tasks.  We recommend for browser mode especially, starting 1 task and letting the token validate and login then starting the others one by one.

Good luck and if you still have questions after reading this guide, please ask in the appropriate channels in Discord.

Important things to note for Target:
1. When it comes to botting cards and consoles, refer to your cook group and make sure you have the latest links and especially with cards so you know which links are being loaded on the backend.

2. Target does not allow 3rd party sellers to sell on their site, but price check is still recommended just to be safe.

3. If you are getting unsuccessful login on cookie method, try the browser method.  If your browser pops up and logs in but you still get unsuccessful login error in EVE, try the following:
Stop the task(s).  Right click the 1st task and select “flush login session” then start the 1st task again.  If it logs in, start the rest one by one.

Change proxies.  Remember some proxies will be able to access the Target site but will also be banned on login.

Watch the browser window for an error message from Target saying your account has been locked.  If it has, go to the site manually and login and follow the prompts to reset your password.  Don’t forget to change the password in EVE before retrying.