In addition to the previously mentioned system requirements, the following software dependencies are also required for the normal functionality of EveAIO X:

.NET Framework 4.8

If installing Eve on a server, .NET Framework should be contained within and installed alongside regular Windows Updates. Ensure to check for updates upon starting up your server for the first time.

Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015

Which do I need to install, _x64.exe or _x86.exe?

You will need to download the version which corresponds to the type of build your machine is, whether 64bit or 32bit. If you have a 64bit machine then download x64.exe and if you have a 32bit machine, install x86.exe.

If unsure of what build your machine is, you can check by searching “System Information” in the Windows search bar and in the window that opens, look for ‘System Type’.