Instructions for how to setup notifications for Discord are as follows:

Scroll to the bottom of your server list and click on the bottom “+” button to create a server, assuming you do not have a server created already.

Click on the “+” sign next to ‘Text Channels’ to create a new text channel. Name the channel as you please.

Click on the gear button to edit the settings of that channel.

Navigate to the ‘Integrations’ pane and then click the “Create Webhook” button.

You can now name your webhook as you please and even add a custom webhook icon if desired. Once finished, click the “copy” button to copy your discord webhook URL to your clipboard, this is what you’ll be pasting into Eve. Don’t forget to hit “Save” after you’re done!

Ensure to enable the Discord setting in EveAIO X.

Click the “+” button, which will create a new blank field. Paste your previously copied Discord webhook here.

Once added, click the “Send Test Message” button. If all is setup correctly, you’ll receive this message:

Checkout URL/PayPal link webhook
This field is for where you’d like checkout URLs (e.g. Shopify checkout URLs, Footlocker EU checkout URLs etc.) to be sent.

You may use the same Discord webhook URL you created for checkout notifications, but many find having a separate channel to be cleaner and easier to manage. To make a separate channel, follow the same instructions above!