It’s now increasingly common for popular Shopify stores (e.g. Kith, DSM London/New York, Undefeated, Palace etc.) which release highly coveted items to enable antibot and checkpoint captcha at release time. Checkpoint is encountered after adding to cart but before you enter the checkout queue, therefore any tasks with unsolved checkpoints will NOT checkout. Checkpoint captchas also happen to have the hardest difficulty, meaning that almost nobody can “one-click” them.

Additionally, the vast majority of sites with antibot + checkpoint enabled will ALSO have another captcha to solve on the shipping information page (the first checkout stage following queue), like so:

All these factors combined means that each task requires 2 captcha tokens to theoretically checkout, and increasing the number of tasks you want to run can quickly lead to an overload of captchas on your solvers.

As checkpoint captchas are the first ones to be encountered, it’s easy for your solvers to be saturated with these captchas, to the point where even if some of your earlier solved tasks have passed queue to reach checkout and now need that second captcha to proceed, they cannot as the captcha request they sent is pending in a long queue behind your other task’s checkpoint captchas.

Therefore, we’ve implemented the ability to set certain captcha solvers as checkpoint dedicated solvers. This means that they’ll be used for solving checkpoint captchas ONLY, freeing up your normal captcha solvers to solve any shipping page captchas instantly and allow your tasks to finish checking out. As shown in the screenshot at the top of the page, any captcha solvers setup to be checkpoint dedicated will have a tick in the box.

NOTE: Do not set all solvers as checkpoint dedicated, otherwise they will not be able to solve non-checkpoint captchas. Also, ensure to disable checkpoint dedicated when running non-shopify or a shopify release without checkpoint captcha.