EveAIO X has now incorporated support for AYCD's new AutoSolve feature, part of their AYCD Toolbox product. Please note, this is separate software and NOT sold by Eve Robotics. You must own AYCD Toolbox to be able to use this feature.

Please make sure you’ve read and followed the AutoSolve - Getting Started guide before proceeding below.

Head over to the AYCD AutoSolve Dashboard and login. You’ll then be greeted with the following page:

Click on the ‘Copy Access Token’ button, and paste into the ‘Access Token’ field on the ‘Captcha’ tab in EveAIO X.

Next, click on the green ‘Create’ button to create a new bot API key for Eve. Name the API key “EveAIO X” so you know which bot it belongs to and hit ‘Submit’, then select Eve's API key from the dropdown list, hit ‘Copy’ to copy this newly created API and paste it in the ‘API Key’ field.

Within Eve task setup you can set it to use AYCD AutoSolve by navigating to the ‘Advanced’ page in task settings. Enable ‘Advanced Captcha Settings’ as shown below and in the ‘AutoSolve’ field place a “1”. Note: when AutoSolve is enabled in task settings, those tasks will NOT use Eve’s in-built captcha solver windows and will ignore any values placed in the other 3rd party captcha fields such as 2Captcha and AntiCaptcha. If you’d like to use those, add your 2Captcha and AntiCaptcha API keys in the AutoSolve Dashboard and ensure they're selected for use as THIS IMAGE shows.

Finally, back within AYCD ensure your accounts are set to be ‘AutoSolve ready’ by selecting all desired gmail accounts, right clicking and selecting 'Start AutoSolve' as shown below:

Once ready you’ll notice the following; your account statuses will display “AutoSolve Enabled” and your AutoSolve Status in the bottom left corner will display “Enabled”. You’re now ready to go!

The video below shows an example of AutoSolve’s usage in EveAIO X on Supreme:

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues adding gmails to your AYCD Toolbox, logging into your gmails or any other issues relating to AYCD Toolbox please reach out to them and seek support within their Discord server. As this is not an Eve product we can only offer limited support relating to the setup within EveAIO X itself.