The advanced tab is where you’ll adjust the more niche settings of a task. Often this tab can be completely ignored unless needing to fine tune a task with precise settings.

  • Advanced Captcha Settings – This is where you’re able to select the number of requests you’d like to send to each captcha service when your task encounters captcha. A good value to place here for peak drop times is between 5-10. However please note the higher the value, the faster the captcha service balance will be used. For testing purposes, you can simply place a "1" for these services. For services you do not wish to use, leave them blank.
  • AutoSolve (Circled) - Please refer to the AYCD AutoSolve guide for how to use this feature. Note: you must own AYCD Toolbox to use this.
  • Mass Create – This is how many tasks will be created with the settings you have entered. So entering 10 will create 10 identical tasks.
  • Watch Task – This feature allows you to set a parent “Watch” task to monitor a product for a drop/restock and when stock is found, will wake up all the children tasks tasks and trigger them to add to cart and checkout. This feature allows you to both save data (when using residential proxies) and use less machine resources by not having to have tasks constantly running. The video below shows how to create and run watch tasks: