To assist with captcha solving, EveAIO X also grants you the ability to use 3rd Party captcha solving services. These services work by using an API key provided by them (username:password in the case of ImageTyperz) in order for Eve to send a captcha request when your task encounters captcha. A worker for their company will then solve the captcha remotely and send back the completed captcha token via the API key once more and Eve applies this to your task, magic!

However, this magical solution has a downside. The entire process is relatively slow (approx. 20 seconds at best during off-peak times) and becomes considerably slower at droptimes due to multiple other users and bots making the same requests as you. These companies have a finite number of workers and so, your captcha requests are satisfied in the order received.

Generally, for fast-paced drops of limited stock items (e.g. an AJ1 release on Kith) these services will be far too slow and you’ll be much better off using your manual captcha solver windows. However, these services can be beneficial on platforms like Footpatrol UK, BSTN or Off-White; where you’re running a lot of tasks. There’s slightly less rush in terms of checkout speed on these platforms, and  solving captchas manually via your solver windows for that many tasks may be impractical.

Tip: If looking to use these services, it’s best to run more than 1 (e.g. both 2Captcha and AntiCaptcha). This is to give yourself the best chance of receiving a captcha token in as short a time as possible.

NOTE: These services cost money and can only be used whilst you have a positive balance on your account. Eve allows you to check your balance easily directly in the bot, so when you notice your balance getting low you can quickly head to their website to top-up.

Links to services:
2Captcha -
AntiCaptcha -
ImageTyperz -